Carry Your Patient Data
Wherever you Go
Systematic patient data management software
Everything need in ayurvedic practice in one place.
With android application
Upload patient images & reports
By just one click
Automatic alert system
“ Never miss your patient ”
Multi Input
Panchkarma details
Analysis Your Growth in Practice
“ Know Your Patient Reference ”
“ Know About your Income & Expenditure ”
Customize multi-language diet chart
“ Track your patient diet chart ”
“ Mail your diet chart to patient ”

Ten reasons to buy this software ?

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Hear from our doctor

Let's clear about your doubts

What about my data security and where it has been stored?

No one has access to our systems. Our system has regular data backups system. This means, your data is safe, really safe. Read more about our security measures in our privacy policy.

My data is lost if my computer is dubbed by any means?

No your data will be never lost whether your computer is getting format or accidentally damaged, you can access your data from worldwide.

Can I upload my old patient data in this system?

Absolutely you can upload your any old patient data in this system which you have in hard copy form currently.

My staff can access this software effectively?

Yes. Our system is multi user so staff can access it easily from computer and mobile application even you can give them limited features whatever you want through our staff access setting.

What about upgrade system? Should I pay more for it?

You should not pay anything more for upgrading system features it should be including in our plan cost.

Who can help me? If I will face trouble to access this software?

Our support team assists you anytime to solve your problem even you can send your message in need help page for quick online support or call anytime to support team. First time entire software operating system should be shown by team viewer. It's too easy.

What should do if I need more personal features according my need?

Our system is itself completed what you need in ayurvedic practice. If you still feel lacking some features we can help you to customize it according your need but customized cost should be extra if it is relevant only for you.

I am not friendlier with computer and I don't have much knowledge about it so still I am able to use your system in my private practice?

Of course, there is no need extra knowledge of computer. You can use it, our system is so easy to operate just flow like what you do paper work now.

I'm sure but I want to try it out.

Sure! Take a Free Trial. Once you get a hang of it, you can purchase the subscription best suited for your practice. Start free trial